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Sedy Fill Body Filler with upgraded hyaluronic acid crosslinking technology. Filler specially designed for volumetric soft tissue replenishment and body contouring.

- Correction of the shape and volume of the breast

- Replenishment of volume and correction of asymmetry of the buttocks

- Legs asymmetry correction

- Replenishment and alignment of soft tissues after volumetric liposuction

- Elimination of irregularities on the skin surface caused, for example, by liposuction

- Intimate contour plastic

3 features that make Sedy Fill unique:

- Strong viscosity and cohesiveness

- Optimal gel hardness that can be controlled delicately

- Easy modelling

It solves the problem of the skin and makes it beautiful skin using the purest Hyaluronic acid.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid is a natural high molecule that is widely present in the human body with excellent moisture retention capacity and plays an important role in maintaining the skin structure.

Excellent moisture retention capacity (1000 times its own weight)

The largest amount in skin cells, including joint fluid, cartilage, eyeballs, etc

Hyaluronic acid inside the skin reduces with age

High molecular hyaluronic acid can be supplemented with food, but it is small in amount and needs to be replenished artificially

Composition: HA 20mg/cc


The product is available only for professional users

Sedy Fill Body Filler 60 mls

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