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Hydra Pen 2 Cartridges - (10 Pcs A BOX)


The Hydra Pen  features a new innovative design, which allows the serum to be contained within the needle cartridge so that it can be applied seamlessly during microneedling therapy facial procedures.


The Hydra Pen 2 cartridges are made with high grade medical stainless steel and feature a fine needle gauge for a precise skin application.


Choose from:

0.25-12 Pin

0.50-12 Pin

1.00-12 Pin



All Hydra Pen H2 cartridges are individually packaged with protective needle cap. Sterilized by EO Gas with batch number, MFD and expiry date.


Hydra Pen Cartridge Features

  • Highest medical grade stainless steel
  • Select cartridge depth when selecting cartridge
  • Each cartridge comes in a sterile pack with MFD, LOT and expiry date
  • Cartridges are single use only

Hydra Pen 2 Spare Cartridges - (10 Pcs A BOX)

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