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COLENA Sub-Q with Lidocaine has the thickest properties within the COLENA dermal filler range. Designed for tissue augmentation, volume and facial contouring. This product has an advanced ability to mould, maintain structure and for longevity.

Recommended for the treatment of extremely severe lines and wrinkles including naso labial folds, restoring lost volume and facial contouring such as cheeks, chin, jawline and nose.

COLENA Sub-Q contains lidocaine to minimise pain and ensure a more comfortable treatment for the patient.

Produced to the exact specifications, and from the same manufacturers as other brands such as Luxfill, Nextfill, Secret Rose, Aessoa, QTfill and Kairax

Composition: 24 mg/ml stabilized, hyaluronic acid, Lidocaine 0.3%

Treatment: Volumizing, Contouring & Tissue Augmentation

Indications: Cheeks, Jawline, Chin & Deeper Wrinkles

Injection Depth: Subcutaneous Layer

Syringe Volume: 1.0ml

Needle Gauge: 25g

Duration: 6 - 12 months

BDDE Residue: 0 ppm

Endotoxin: Below 0.02 EU/ml

Colena Filler Macro Molecule

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