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Matrigen Cosmetics

UK Official Distributor


Genuine Korean Products

Martrigen cosetice UK
Martrigen cosetice UK
Martrigen cosetice UK
Martrigen cosetice UK
Martrigen cosetice UK

Original Matrigen Cosmetics Stickers

As The UK Official Distributor we have developed these stickers so you are able to easily detect genuine products from others.

Martrigen cosetice UK

All our products will have this sticker attached. This way you can be sure your product is not counterfeit.

For any questions please get in touch!

Matrigen Brand Authorization

Martrigen cosetice UK

Matrigen cosmetics UK official distributor
letter of authorization

Korea's First technology development

Matrigen T1 Collagen Volume Essence

Introducing the ultra-strong anti-aging cream essence completed by
Korea's first technology, human skin collagen DNA cloning technology

Martrigen cosetice UK
Martrigen cosetice UK


Bravity Eye Repair Ampoule

Recommendation: use one  drop of serum at a time as part of your skincare routine , maximum effects and results achieved after only 14 days of use!

Concentrated serum with the effect of a liquid patch!

Martrigen cosetice UK

The high density texture is lighter than regular cream and sticks to the skin well.

Designed to seal the skin of the eyelids and eliminate wrinkles in the periorbital area

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