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Facial Ice Globes Set are a set of 2 cryotherapy facial massage rollers, that use the cooling powers of icy temperatures to lift the complexion, enhance circulation, reduce eye circles, and drain lymph nodes.

Embrace the beautifying benefits of the cold with Facial Ice Globes Set.

Massaging your face with our icy globes refreshes your skin by reducing redness, puffiness and enhancing circulation. Cryotherapy invites the skin to absorb moisture for intense hydration and firming. Massaging with icy temperatures encourages lymphatic drainage for natural relief of headaches and sinuses. Keep in the freezer or fridge and glide smoothly over your face for restored and revived skin. 

This set includes:
- 2x Facial Ice Globes ( Random Colour)
- 2x Temperature Protective Sleeves

- Encourages lymphatic drainage
- Naturally eases headaches and sinuses
- Relaxes, firms and lifts skin
- Reduces impression of puffiness and circles
- Eases tension
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
- Encourages skincare products into the skin for intense hydration

- Encourages lymphatic drainage
- Handblown glass, individually made
- Reduces impression of circles
- Safe for skin



Chill Ice Globes in the freezer up to -20°c before use. This can be weeks or hours in advance. Take Globes out of the freezer and slip the protective sleeves onto the globe handles. Roll chilled globes over cleansed and dry skin or a sheet mask, avoiding applying too much pressure around the eyes. Use upward rolling motions to encourage circulation, natural firming of the skin and reduce the impression of circles. Use downward rolling motions to stimulate lymphatic drainage in the sinuses, encouraging natural relief from headaches and swelling.
After massaging, clean the Globes with an anti-bacterial beauty spray, wipe clean and store either in the freezer or its packaging.

Ice globes are for facial use only. Do not use it on the arms, legs, feet or body.

They are made of glass. Handle with care. Do not use if the glass is broken, chipped, cracked, has surface scratches or is damaged. Do not apply too much pressure when massaging as may cause globes to break. To avoid scratching the ice globes hold by the foam handles and avoid wearing jewellery when using. Do not use the handles of ice globes to massage the face.

In the unlikely event that the ice globes break, avoid contact with the skin, may produce an allergic reaction. Do not ingest liquid if damaged. Do not insert into the mouth or any other parts of the body. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not drop on hard surfaces. Store in a dark, cool and dry place. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Do not expose to high temperatures. Do not freeze to below -30°c. Not dishwasher safe. To avoid scratching, please do not place on hard surface. Do not use any abrasive products or exfoliating products. Do not clean the ice globes with abrasive products or harsh household cleaners.

Facial Ice Globes Set

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