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Hyaron 2.5ml 1 syringe


Hyaron is a proven and effective mesotherapy product that also acts as a dermal filler. Its main active ingredient is sodium hyaluronate, which combines the regenerating effect of mesotherapy with the wrinkle removal capabilities of traditional fillers. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, Hyaron's texture is smooth and contains much smaller particles

Hyaron has a dual purpose. Its immediate action is similar to HA fillers. After injection, it fills and hides wrinkles, lines and folds in the skin, providing a perfect aesthetic improvement to the patient's appearance for up to 9 months. However, in the long run, it is a typical mesotherapy solution. Patients will benefit from firmer, healthier and more supple skin, and the skin's hydration levels will be improved over the long term.

Hyaron packs contain 10 pre-filled syringes of gel based on sodium hyaluronate for injection into the skin. Each syringe is 2.5 ml and contains 25 mg of the active ingredient. The injection cycle is once a fortnight, twice a month. Additionally, the product contains sodium chloride and monobasic sodium phosphate.


  • Why Hyaron?

While HA-based dermal fillers are hardly a new cosmetic solution available on the market, Hyaron has been available for doctors and beauty experts since 1987. For over three decades this mesotherapy/filler hybrid has proven time and again it's worth when it comes to anti-age skin treatment and skin rejuvenation and hydration improvement.


  • How is it used?

Unlike HA fillers, skin treatment with Hyaron is a much longer process, involving treatment with one syringe of product every odd week of the month. While superficial wrinkles will disappear relatively quickly, the long term effect of improved smoothness and elasticity can be achieved only with a therapy stretched over several weeks, to ensure maximum skin rejuvenation.

Hyaron 2.5ml 1 syringe

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