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Matrigen B-Tox Peel  1 Vial Powder + 1 Vial Solution


B-Tox Peel, can be named as Algae Peel or Invisible Needle Peel. By using Biological Technology, scientists use the natural ingredient and extract into Silitox Needles (Needle Sponge Extract).- A very tiny micro needles size within um. After massage B-tox peel on the face, Silitox needles will penetrate into the skin layer to stimulate and regenerate the skin.


Non-chemical peeling B-Tox is a 3D nano-needle implant for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. SiliTox microneedles are organosilicon compounds. Raw materials for them are extracted from rare species of deep-sea life. B-Tox is a non-invasive autotherapy for the dermis. Unlike chemical peels, the procedure has no age restrictions, is suitable for any skin type and does not cause side effects. The procedure can be carried out at any time of the year.


SiliTox™ is patented ingredient that made of the extract from Benthos (Type of Coral). By using nano-technology, scientists form the extracts into micro needles. These SilitoxTM needles are 100% natural and contains very rich minerals. Unlike other peel products, it does not contain acid or medicinal herbs

The effect becomes noticeable in the first week after the procedure. The final effect is three weeks after the procedure.


Advantages of B-TOX peeling:


SAFETY. The uniform shape of micro-needles reduces skin damage. No excessive irritation. The possibility of resuming activities the next day after the B-TOX PILING procedure. No concerns about skin irritation after the B-TOX PILING procedure.




  • The skin restoration product allows for the procedure without complex equipment.
  • Individual kit (for single use). No need to visit a salon.
  • Skin care can be done at home.



  • Maximum effect thanks to the delivery of active components to the deepest layers of the skin.
  • Excellent effect even with a small amount.
  • Not just a regular peel, but also the removal of unnecessary dead skin cells.




  • Stimulates the skin's recovery cycle, promoting the removal of dead cells.
  • Adjustable procedure strength depending on the skin type.
  • Only unnecessary dead skin cells are removed after the B-TOX PILING procedure.


What are the benefits of using B-TOX peeling?


Penetration of peeling components into dead skin cells:

  • Delivery of effective components and cleansing of unnecessary dead cells simultaneously!
  • Active components penetrate beneath the surface layer of the skin thanks to the micro-needles in Silitox.
  • Shortens the skin's recovery cycle to less than 28 days by removing the horny layer.



  • For those with an excess of dead skin cells due to slow skin recovery.
  • For people with enlarged pores or acne scars.
  • For those looking to eliminate skin pigmentation, such as spots and freckles.
  • For people who want to receive professional skin care in a salon, which is simple and accessible to clients.
  • For those whose skin peels after makeup and want perfectly smooth skin.
  • For people with common skin problems related to aging.


The interval between anti-aging procedures 1 month.

“The effect is already apparent in the first week of therapy and lasts for many months”


**Warning: For External use only. Keep out of eyes.

** Please Read the detail informations for special facial treatments

** Professional use only


Made in Korea

Matrigen B-Tox Peel 1 Vial Powder +1 Vial Solution

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