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Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Gold Luminant Ampoule 5 x 10 mls


Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Gold Luminant Ampoule is an ampoule extracted with high concentration of 99.9% pure gold and Stem cell culture medium. Bi-Phase 24K Gold functional raw materials and various plant extracts based recipes were made to maximize the functions of the ampoule

Main Ingredients: Niacinamide


1. Skin whitening effect

2. Skin loss defense

3. Skin barrier strengthening effect

4. Skin blemish improvement effect

5. Blocks discoloration inducing ingredients




1. Wrinkle improvement functional ingredients.

2. Skin elasticity strengthening effect

3. Helps skin wrinkle improvement

4. Restore skin vitality

5. Revitalizes tired skin


PDRN (Salmon DNA)


1. Revitalize the skin

2. Cycle activation

3. Helps skin health

4. Skin Regeneration

5. Prevent oxidative stress


Stem Cell


1. Increase collagen production

2. Epidermal strengthening effect

3. Reduce wrinkles formation

4. Produce Amino acid production

5. Whitening, moisturizing effect

Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Gold Luminant Ampoule 5 x 10 mls

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