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The Matrigen Core Solution Ceramide 100 is a skincare product that features ceramides as a key component. Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (fats) in the skin that play a crucial role in maintaining its barrier function and moisture retention.


Here's a breakdown of the product's description:


1. Ceramide Component: Ceramides are essential for maintaining the skin's softness and moisture balance. They help to enhance the skin's ability to retain water, which is vital for keeping it hydrated and healthy.

2. Water Retention Ability: This product is formulated to improve the skin's water retention ability. When the skin can hold onto moisture effectively, it appears plump, supple, and less prone to dryness.

3. Skin Barrier Formation: The product also aids in the formation of the skin barrier. The skin barrier is a protective layer that keeps irritants out and prevents moisture loss. Strengthening this barrier is crucial for maintaining healthy skin.

4. Vincetoxicum Atratum Extract: Vincetoxicum atratum extract is likely included for its potential skincare benefits. Herbal extracts like this can have antioxidant properties and may contribute to skin health.

5. Aloe Vera Leaf Water: Aloe vera is well-known for its soothing and hydrating properties. Aloe vera leaf water can help calm the skin, reduce inflammation, and provide additional moisture.


Active ingredients

  • Vincotoxicum Atratum extract - Sinapic acid, the main component of white rice, is effective as an antioxidant, anti-cancer and hair loss prevention. In addition, it is ideal for improving the skin barrier and regenerating/calming the skin. Derma-clear infuses the keratinocytes of the skin and has a miraculous effect on controlling the barrier function of the skin. It’s important to apply masks to the snowy skin after dry weather.
  • Aloe vera is considered to be an effective anti-inflammatory remedy for skin, helping to calm and soothe the skin. This ingredient helps to prepare the skin for a 28-day skin renewal regimen and brings the skin closer to the ideal cycle. It also has a vibrating effect, which causes the skin to become less noticeable in pigmented spots and freckles. This helps to suppress the function of tyrosinase, which vibrates the melanin pigment and has a cooling effect.




Purified water, hydroxyethyl urea, butylene glycol, glycerin, methylpropane diol, hydrogenated lecithin, ceramide NP (2,000ppm), betaine,panthenol, trehalose, white rice flower extract, aloe vera leaf extract, lemon Chestnut leaf extract, caprylic hydroxamic acid, propanediol, polyglyceryl-10
laurate, sorbitan stearate, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, ethylhexylglycerin, maltodextrin



Matrigen Core Solution Ceramide 100 (30ml)

£44.99 Regular Price
£40.49Sale Price
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