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Anti-aging serum Collagen 100 | Matrigen Core Solution Collagen 100 (30 ml)


Matrigen Core Solution Collagen 100 (30 ml) is A solution that gives elasticity to the skin, forms a film, covers it gently, and moisturizes it by supplying moisture.



Active Ingredients

  • Hydrolyzed collagen is a form of protein that is broken down into small molecules. This form is easily absorbed by our body and is actively used in various tissues such as skin, bones and muscles. In particular, it is effective in improving skin elasticity and smoothing wrinkles, and also promotes joint health. In addition, it also complements the decrease in collagen production due to aging, helping to improve the healthy beauty of the skin and its immunity. 

Hydrolyzed collagen, which is more absorbent than regular collagen, gives the skin elasticity, forms a film, softly covers the skin and moisturizes it, supplying moisture.

  • Dioscorea Japonica Root Extract - An ingredient extracted from yam root is called phytomucin and is called plant snail mucus because it is similar in its stickiness. Phytomucin is effective for problem skin, as it soothes damaged and irritated skin and is rich in amino acids, which increase skin elasticity and help smooth out wrinkles. Thanks to its mucus consistency, it has an excellent moisturizing effect, strengthens the skin barrier and keeps the skin smooth, soothes sensitive and damaged skin, and is also effective for those with problematic or atopic skin prone to heat or redness. In addition, mutin, saponin and allantoin form a natural moisturizing film to hydrate the skin, erasing marks left on problematic skin and helping to create clear and soft skin.
  • Basic Attributes
    • Manufacturer country
      South Korea
    • Floor
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Classification of cosmetic product
      Medicinal (Cosmeceuticals)
    • Product packaging
    • Skin problem
      Age-related changes, Deep wrinkles, Wrinkles, Flabbiness, Withering
    • Volume
      30 ml
  • User characteristics
    • Product type

Matrigen Core Solution Collagen 100 30 ml

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