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Matrigen Lipo Exosome Spot Wrinkle Reducer


Matrigen Lipo Exosome Spot Wrinkle Reducer provides intensive care for the most sensitive skin around the eyes.It has a soft moisturizing application with a lot of moisture, and it is not sticky and adheres tightly, and the active ingredient is quickly absorbed into the skin.


Active Ingredients:


• Pea Peptide Extract Eternal PEternal P is a peptide of peas that are effective in collagen synthesis, which are effective in collagen synthesis, and increases skin penetration and helps skin nutrition and elasticity more efficiently.


• Shea Butter (100,000ppm)The natural vitamin A and vitamin E contained in the shea butter component strengthens the skin condition and maintains moisture, making the dry eye area smooth and moist.


Indications for use

We recommend for those:
- who want to strengthen sagging skin
- who want to remove dark circles under the eyes
- who are concerned about expression lines around the eyes
- who want to saturate their skin with nutrients


How to use

Wash your face. Take the roller bottle with serum and squeeze out the required amount of serum and apply it to the area around the eyes using the applicator ball. Then, using your ring finger, evenly distribute the serum over the affected area, patting the skin to more thoroughly absorb the ingredients into the skin.

Matrigen Lipo Exosome Spot Wrinkle Reducer

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