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Matrigen Mesotox Scalp Ampoule 5x10 mls (Short Dated)


Matrigen Mesotox Scalp Solution is a mesococktail with amazing effects for perfect hair Matrigen Mesotox An ampoule with a scalp serum that gives vitality and energy to the scalp and hair, normalizing the disturbed cycle of hair growth and penetrating deep into the scalp with the help of biotin and coppertri peptide ingredients that promote hair growth.


Effect of the serum:

- Stops shedding

- It nourishes the hair, making it thick and obedient - Strengthens hair growth

- Has an antioxidant effect on the scalp

- Stimulates hair follicles


Composition: Biotin Rh-OIIGOPEPTIDE-1 Copper Tripeptide-1 Niacinamide Beta-Glucan Allantoin Caviar Complex Amino Acid & Vitamins Botanical Complex Extract Hydrolyzed Complex Extract



Packaging: 5 bottles * 10 ml

On average, 1 bottle is enough for 2 uses

Matrigen Mesotox Scalp Ampoule 5x10 mls

SKU: 8809688562181
£80.00 Regular Price
£72.00Sale Price
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