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Matrigen NMN Refine Toner Pad 


Matrigen NMN Refine Toner Pads are Packed with skin nutrition, these Refine pads are a treatment room time-saver and an ideal addition to a homecare ritual. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is synthesized from from nicotinamide, a form of B3. In recent studies, NMN has shown to slow accelerated skin aging by protecting the skin from UV damage.


It has also shown to defend against certain environmental particles, known to be harmful to skin. Improves fine lines, gentle exfoliates, helps remove excess sebum. The essence in the Refine pads also contains Hydroxyethyl Urea, that when combined with proteins in the skin, retains high levels of moisture. Edelweiss culture extract helps protect the skin's barrier.


How To Use:

Using the embossed side, wipe over entire face, avoiding the eye area. Let dry. Then using the other, softer side, pat into entire face, allowing the essence to absorb. Ensure container is closed tightly to prevent dry out.


Formulated & Made in Korea.

Matrigen NMN Refine Toner Pad 60g - (60 PADS)

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