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MATRIGEN SRS Calming Ampoule. Ampoule with anti-inflammatory, soothing effect.


Matrigen SRS Ampoule - active concentrates created in South Korea based on the latest achievements of cosmetology, based on treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Innovative technologies and advanced active ingredients provide specialized assistance focused on various types and needs of the skin, long-term regeneration and support of the processes of skin rejuvenation.


Matrigen SRS Calming - soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, a concentrate containing extracts of Aloe Barbados, Portulac, algae and allantoin. 


How to Use:

Open the bottle while tearing off plactic cap, Apply the Ampoules after cleansing the face. Massage the ampoules until it penetrate into the skin OR use the ampoules with Beauty Deives such as EMS, RF, Ultrasonic etc. Apply the moisture cream or lotion as final step.

Packing 10 ml x 12


Made in Korea

Matrigen SRS Calming Ampoule 12x10 ml/box

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