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Syringe Mixing Tube

The Syringe Mixing Tube is a 2-Way Mixing Tube which can mix 2 different solutions perfectly without loss.


The Syringe Mixing Tube comes in box / 10. Packed sterile, the clear syringe mixing tube is compatible with most syringes and allows for mess and fuss-free subdivision of substances from a large syringe to small syringe as well as mixing and blending of substances between two syringes. Slimline and clear, clinicians are able to see the solution pass through the syringe whilst mixing.


It is used for:


  1. Subdivision


Subdivide a drug from a big syringe into several small syringes.


 2. Mixing


Blend 2 different viscoelastic drugs together.


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Syringe Mixing Tube (Pack of 10 PCS)

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